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About Puppy Yoga Milano

Puppy Yoga is a new wellness concept that involves the presence of puppies during yoga sessions in exclusive locations in the centre of Milan. This variation of the popular physical exercise has been developed to combine relaxation and the benefits of yoga with the love and interaction with puppy dogs.



The first 30 minutes are dedicated to yoga practice with one of our selected teachers and in exclusive locations in the centre of Milan.

Classes are accessible to everyone, regardless of level! 


Relax with puppies

The last 30 minutes are dedicated to the puppies. In this phase, relaxation and breathing exercises are performed with the teacher in the company of your favourite playful puppies.

yoga with puppies


Benefits associated to Puppy Yoga

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Improving Flexibility and Strength: As with any form of yoga, puppy yoga involves different poses and movements that can help improve the body's flexibility, strength, and stability.​

Image by César Couto

Stress reduction

The presence of puppies and interaction with them can help reduce stress and anxiety, thanks to the release of endorphins, hormones of well-being. Furthermore, the puppies are carefully selected to ensure an ethical and healthy practice for both them and class participants.

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Puppies healthy growth

Puppy Yoga supports the psychological development of puppies by teaching them to adapt to new environments and socialize with people. With the classes, we also hope to help our little friends find a new home :)

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